Voice Coaching

“Before my first session, I felt I couldn’t sing. After my first session, I could sing what I felt. Through Marsha I have found my voice.”
– G.B. Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles

With years of experience as professional singer/recording artist and “Best Vocalist” recipient from the American Songwriter’s Association and along with her years in the business environment Marsha brings heart and soul to her teaching.

Whether you’re a Corporate professional, a professional Actor, Singer, or simply looking to find your personal voice regarding your career or personal relationships, this work is for you.

Your voice is the means by which others perceive who you are. It is the most primal, powerful and basic instrument we have, complete with many different and distinct “notes.”

Why is a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. so powerful? The riveting performance of Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire? The voice of Tina Turner?

AUTHENTIC VOICE. Truth in the moment. Clarity of intention. Deep Breathing.

Let Marsha’s consulting service and coaching help you reclaim the clarity and specificity of your unique “notes.” Using her “Method-Intuitive” approach, Marsha will assist you in finding the “truth” within a speech, a lyric, on-camera presentations; producing a renewed sense of passion and excitement for your work, as well as, an edge on the competition in your particular field.

No matter what your field, there is POWER in the AUTHENTIC VOICE.

For more information about Personal Coaching, contact: info@marshabartenetti.com