Script Writing

“As a professional voice-over actress I have read thousands of scripts, many of which, looked great on paper, but when spoken aloud, were often very “unfriendly” to the ear.

Many writers are capable of producing scripts integrating the clients’ needs to impart information, but aren’t always successful in the translation of that information to a spoken voice. Although many clients realize the importance of marketing videos, CD Roms, etc. and are willing to invest substantial dollars to get their corporate voices out there into the marketplace, very often, the projects fall short of their intended goal, and valuable revenue is wasted in the process.

As a freelance writer, I make it my business to write scripts that not only capture the intent of the clients message, but are also “reader-friendly” and “audience-friendly.” All of these elements guarantee an edge to your corporate communications pieces.”

In addition to script writing for audio/video pieces, Marsha has written speeches for corporate speakers, as well. Her ability to capture the essence and passion of the speaker’s intent, has made her a valuable asset to anyone preparing to speak publically. Her coaching techniques make corporate executives feel at ease and confident about reaching their goals when delivering their message.

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