Marsha-Headshot-300Marsha Graham is  a Los Angeles based Voice-Over professional with hundreds of national clients to her credit.

Her most far-reaching impact may have been when she was the voice of the most successful voice mail messaging service in this country and internationally (Octel Messaging System – Serving Baby Bells, Fortune 500 Companies, businesses); still heard daily by 40 million people worldwide.  Dubbed  the “Voice Mail Queen” by the media, Marsha was featured on television shows like The Today Show, CNN,  SF’s KTLA, KGO/TV San Francisco, and many radio stations nationally, as “The Voice Behind Voice Mail.  A REAL person!”

For several years, she was  the  TV/Radio voice for Safeway Corporation’s stores nationwide, including Vons, in Los Angeles. “Giving Our Best.”

Marsha was heard on  ABC/Channel7  as one of their television announcers in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles.

Her other work includes narrations for television, and documentary films, books on tape, national  tv/radio commercials, and promos. She also records ADR and can be heard on such films as The Seige, X-Men, and What Women Want.

Her voice carries distinction, warmth, and authenticity –  a powerful branding voice that continues to draw clients from all over the globe.

On a good day, she’s also been known to bring outrageous homemade cookies to the studio.

Marsha recently revived her singing career and recorded a CD in Nashville in 2013.  You can hear samples at